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About Us

DCT Group is a professional manufacturer of Adhesive tape making ,Precision Customized Die Cutting ,Converting ,Blister packaging. We have integrated adhesive supply chain which has been a bench mark in this field, and we have focused on adhesive industry for seven years and cooperated with some famous customers such as LG,Huawei,Apple.

i-DCT is our trade mark.

DCT provides unique solutions through a range of vertically integrated converting capabilities and value added service.

Customers\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' satisfaction is our goal. Environmental protection is our mission.

Our production lines include tapes, protection film, insulation sheet, foam gasket, EMI, label, name plate, blister tray, blister pencil box, blister pallet, they are widely used on optic, LED, mobile phone,computer,power supplier,plastic,metal,packaging,medical,automobile,electrical appliances.

Dongguan DCT, the headquarters of DCT Group, was established in China in 2010. As a powerful team, we encourage teamwork and remain mobilized for our brand new endeavors. We will do our best to meet your specific requirements and pursue good quality.
Up to now, Dongguan DCT has three divisions:

1. Precision Die cutting Division provides mechanism parts and technical solution.

2. Blister Packaging Division supplies plastic parts and packaging design.

3. Label Printing Division is manufacturing label products.

To expand international market, Oriental KAI DA Hong Kong Limited was established in 2013.

As a base in Southeast Asia, DCT VINA was established in Bac Ninh, Vietnam in 2016. It has the same production capacity as DCT Dongguan.